Live: Fifth semi final in Malta

by Marcus Klier 84 views

The fifth semi final of the Maltese national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Six acts will compete to be among the top 20 to reach the grand final.


You can follow the show via webcast here.

The line-up

Composer/lyricist in brackets.

  1. Petra ZammitAll I need
    (Andrew Zammit/Keith Zammit)
  2. Pamela Bezzina Hold on
    (Paul Giordimaina/Fleur Balzan)
  3. Nadine Axisa & Clifford Galea Once in a lifetime
    (Jason Paul Cassar/Mario Farrugia)
  4. Priscilla & KurtWaterfall
    (Mark Debono/Rita Pace)
  5. Baklava Euphoria
    (Philip Vella/Gerard James Borg)
  6. Rosman Pace Hypnotized
    (Rosman Pace)


The semi final will be held during tonight's edition of the weekly show L-Isfida, which is being broadcast at the moment. The performances will start at around 22:15 CET.

1. Petra ZammitAll I need

All six acts tonight include returning artists. The first one is Petra Zammit, who has already finished sixth in the 2008 national final with the unusual song Street car of desire.

The singer is back with a completely new look. Alicia Keys used to have a similar hairstyle, so it might be no surprise that All I need is an R&B ballad. The song is undeniably among those of the highest quality in the heat so far and it could easily be an album track for many US American singers. However, the genre might even be too Amercian to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocal performance is still very strong and close to studio quality.

2. Pamela Bezzina Hold on

Pamela has previously taken part as a soloist in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 but her best result to date came last year when she finished third as part of the group Q with the song Before you walk away.

This is a song of contradictions as the singer performs the verses in a very low key but switches to a high operatic voice in the chorus. The melody and the arrangement are a bit messy and this song will probably not be as popular as the 2008 fan favourite Whispers. However, it is still a likely contender for the top 20.

3. Nadine Axisa & Clifford Galea Once in a lifetime

Nadine Axisa returns after a break having already taken part in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Her best result came in 2002 when she finished equal sixth with Think of you.

This is a duet ballad as classic as it can be. Song and performance are overly kitschy and it is therefore likely to find as many lovers as haters among the Eurovision Song Contest fans. The vocals are rather strong but generally, it might be too old-fashioned to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest these days.

4. Pricilla & KurtWaterfall

Pricilla returns after ten years. In 2000, she finished third behind Claudette Pace, tonight's host.

Talking of kitschy ballads performed as a duet, here comes another one. The performance is even a bit more dramatic while the lyrics are slightly more creative than those of Once in a lifetime. These two songs will probably battle for the votes of the fans o this genre. If both of them qualify for the final, it might well lower their chances of doing well.

5. Baklava Euphoria

Baklava return to the stage after having been among the finalists last year with Kamikaze lover. One of the members Joseph Chetcuti (and last year's lead singer) was also among Olivia Lewis' backing performers in Helsinki.

Baklava return with a different line-up and a female lead singer this time. The concept is still the same with the arrangement of the song heavily facing on the strings instruments. However, the song is more electronic and more Eurodance like this time. Generally a very catchy entry that is likely to proceed to the final. If it qualifies for Eurovision, it will probably be among the "unpredictable" contenders.

6. Rosman Pace Hypnotized

Rosman Pace is taking part for the sixth time already. His best results to date came in 2003 and 2008, when he finished eighth on both occasions.

His song is quite different from his previous two efforts as Hypnotized is a catchy electronic dance song. The performance is kept very simple but the black suit adds a nice contrast to the style of the music. Generally a strong contender for the final although his facial expressions look a bit worried compared to the positive "I love you" message of the lyrics.