Tonight: Eurovision 2017 Grand Final; the jury show

by Stratos Agadellis 5,757 views

After the unveil of all 20 semi-final qualifiers, we now know all the 26 acts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Grand Final. Now the tension is higher than ever as we are just one day before the announcement of the winner! 

Tonight the juries of all 42 participating countries will decide their final rating, after watching the Grand Final dress rehearsal. The results will be announced during the Grand Final by the spokespersons of each participating country.

In the dress rehearsal, the 26 acts will perform just as they will do on Saturday, after the determination of the running order by the organizers:

Juries to determine the 50% of the final outcome

Just like the few previous editions, the juries determine the 50% of the final results, as the televoting does with the remaining 50%, during the official live broadcast.

The jury show traditionally takes place in the night before every live Eurovision show at the Eurovision venue as a full dress rehearsal. During it, each jury member determines his full ranking of all 26 competing acts. Every national jury consists of 5 members; their names are listed here. Their rankings are combined together to give the final set of 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points, which counts as the 50% of the final vote.

Note that the jury show is not officially broadcast live.

The televoting process occurs after the presentation of all 26 songs in the Grand Final and determines the rest of the final outcome.

The votes of the audience are being added together with the jury vote to determine the final result of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2017 schedule

  • 08/05: Semi-final 1 (Jury show)
  • 09/05: Semi-final 1 (Live broadcast)
  • 10/05: Semi-final 2 (Jury show)
  • 11/05: Semi-final 2 (Live broadcast)
  • 12/05: Grand final (Jury show)
  • 13/05: Grand final (Live broadcast)