Fans of Moire and Willem keep speculating

by Dominique Dufaut 61 views

Last week, we published the results of a poll launched among members of the OGAE France, giving the names of artists they would like to represent the country. “It seems our poll is much talked about”, Benjamin Lemerle-Goss declares.

The man who ran the survey points out that fanblogs of Mika, Emmanuel Moire and Christophe Willem all took up the piece of news and discuss about it a lot. “To my big surprise, 3 out of 4 of them have good opinions about a Eurovision participation”.Benjamin says: “A blog on Willem reports on his 3rd place in our poll, the same position as last year. It also deals about some concerts being reported due to promotional reasons”.By the way, the official site of Willem writes about “something very special the singer prepares for next Spring”. A suspicion which is reported on fellow website Bonsoir Paris.