Anne Marie David's message to Eurovision fans

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Anne Marie David, the lady who represented two different countries in the Eurovision Song Contest and won it for Luxembourg in 1973 never forgets her fans. She sends you all her warmest wishes for the festive season.

Dear friends,

First of all remember that the most important things are LIFE and LOVE
So try to organise your life around and with love.
All you will give to others will return to you.
Everyday take some minutes of your time to call friends and ask them if they have a special need . Take time for friends…
No minute's lost if it's a minute for a friend.
Just a quick hello, just a kiss, just a call, just to make them believe that they are very important for you.
And if you think that you lose time doing that, just think what would be your attitude towards some one you consider as a friend, but if you never receive any new or hello from him.
May be one day you 'll need a friend to talk to, to help or just be there….So first be the friend you would like to have…
This is also part of love.
For the rest, I really hope that you will be healthy, strong and have a clear mind to control your life .
I wish you all the best for you and those who are important for you
I kiss you all warmly, and don't forget also to tell as often as possible to your mother and father that you love them.

Your friend
Anne Marie David

Stay tuned because there are a lot more special wishes coming your way from your favourite Eurostars.

Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain.

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