Slovenia: Songwriters revealed

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Additionally to song titles and artists, Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO has now announced the songwriters of the entries competing for the ticket to Oslo at EMA 2010, the Slovenian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 111 submitted entries, an internal expert jury consisting of Mojca Menart, Urška Cop, Andrea Flego, Miha Vardjan and Drago Mislej Mef has selected 14 songs.

In alphabetical order by song titles, these are the 14 entries:

1. Dež

  • Artist: Nina Pušlar
  • Music: Martin Štibernik, Dejan RadiÄ�eviÄ�
  • Lyrics: Dejan RadiÄ�eviÄ�, Martin Štibernik
  • Arrangement: Dejan RadiÄ�eviÄ�

2) Dovolj ljubezni

  • Artist: Martina Šraj
  • Music: Simon Skalar
  • Lyrics: Martina Šraj
  • Arrangement: Simon Skalar

3) Franjo

  • Artist: Zadnji Taxi
  • Music: Roman ZupanÄ�iÄ�
  • Lyrics: Roman ZupanÄ�iÄ�
  • Arrangement: Miha Gorše

4) Gremo na emo

  • Artist: Vaso & D Plejbeks
  • Music: Tadej Vasle
  • Lyrics: Tadej Vasle
  • Arrangement: Tadej Vasle

5) Iz navade

  • Artist: Petra PeÄ�ovnik
  • Music: Domen Kumer, Petra PeÄ�ovnik
  • Lyrics: Domen Kumer,Petra PeÄ�ovnik
  • Arrangement: Domen Kumer

6) Le en dan

  • Artist: Martina Feri and Tomaž Nedoh
  • Music: Tomaž Nedoh
  • Lyrics: Nik PapiÄ�, Polona Oblak
  • Arrangement: Tomaž Nedoh

7) Moj si zrak

  • Artist: Marko Vozelj
  • Music: Marko Vozelj
  • Lyrics: Marko Vozelj
  • Arrangement: Marko Vozelj

8) Narodno zabavni rock

  • Artist: Ansambel Roka Žlindre & Kalamari
  • Music: Marino LegoviÄ�
  • Lyrics: Leon Oblak
  • Arrangement: Marino LegoviÄ�

9) Od tod do ve�nosti

  • Artist: Sara Kobold
  • Music: Martin Štibernik
  • Lyrics: Martin Štibernik
  • Arrangement: Martin Štibernik

10) Para me

  • Artist: Brigita Šuler
  • Music: Miha Hercog
  • Lyrics: Saša Lendero
  • Arrangement: Miha Hercog

11) Priznam

  • Artist: Ylenia Zobec
  • Music: Tadej MiheliÄ�
  • Lyrics: Ylenia Zobec
  • Arrangement: Tadej MiheliÄ�, Miha Gorše

12) Roko mi daj

  • Artist: Langa
  • Music: Miha Hercog, Mišo Kontrec
  • Lyrics: Saša Lendero
  • Arrangement: Miha Hercog

13) Tukaj sem doma

  • Artist: Manca Špik
  • Music: Andrej BabiÄ�
  • Lyrics: Feri LainšÄ�ek
  • Arrangement: Aleksandar ValenÄ�iÄ�

14) Živim za zdaj

  • Artist: Saša Zamernik
  • Music: Raay
  • Lyrics: Dantaya
  • Arrangement: Raay

Both Brigita Šuler's, as well as Langa's songs are written by Miha Hercog and Saša Lendero. As a singer, Saša Lendero, one of Slovenia's most popular artists, has particpated twice at EMA. In 2005, she placed 2nd with Metulj, as well as in 2006 with Mandoline. In 2006, she won the televoting but received nil points by the jury, thus failing to win the competition. Saša is married to Miha Hercog, who also is responsible for many of her hit singles. In 2009, she gave birth to a daughter named Aria.

Brigita Šuler participated in the 2009 final with her song Druga liga, as well as in the 2008 final, where she came 3rd with her dramatic song about the godess Samara.

Langa reached 2nd place at EMA 2008, as well as in 2009 duetting with Manca Špik.

Andrej BabiÄ�, composer of Manca Špik's entry, already is a Eurovision veteran, being responsible for the entries of Croatia 2003, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005 and Portugal 2008. He has been sending songs to EMA since 2005 and managed to win the competition twice, namely in 2007 and 2009. Therefore, his 2007 song Cvet z juga by Alenka Gotar is, up to now, the only entry to bring Slovenia to a Eurovision Song Contest final, since the introduction of the semi finals in 2004. In contrast to that, his 2009 song Love symphony by Quartissimo flopped in the semi final, reaching 16th place with only 14 points. Ironically, Love Symphony only won the Slovenian national final due to maximum points by the jury, whilst his 2006 song Mandoline failed to win because of being ignored in the jury voting.

Manca Špik takes part at EMA for the 3rd consecutive time. In 2009, together with the group Langa, she won the televoting by a landslide with the ethno song Zaigraj muzikant but eventually ended up in 5th place due to the fact that they did not receive a single point from the jury. This scenario will be impossible in 2010, as the altered rules include the method of 100% televoting to determine the winner.

Domen Kumer has participated at EMA numerous times as well, inlcuding a duet with Rebeka Dremelj in 2006, who went on to represent Slovenia at Belgrade at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Vrag naj vzame.

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