60th Sanremo festival with two Eurovision veterans

by Dominique Dufaut 68 views

Today, Italian state television RAI revealed the names of the 16 artists who will compete in the “Big” category of the 60th Sanremo festival next February, 16th to 20th.

As usual, artists who already received the trophy in the past try their luck again. This is the case for Toto Cutugno, who won the festival in 1980 with Solo noi and won the Eurovision Song Contest ten years later with Insieme: 1992.Another Eurovision veteran is on the 2010 Sanremo list, Enrico Ruggeri. The man won its first festival in 1987 with two others, Gianni Morandi and Umberto Tozzi performing the song Si puo dare di più. He received another Sanremo trophy in 1993 with Mistero, three months before representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Millstreet, where he placed 12th with his entry Sole d'Europa.