Slovenia: Singers and song titles revealed

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Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO has just announced the entries competing for the ticket to Oslo at EMA 2010, the Slovenian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 111 submitted entries, an internal expert jury consisting of Mojca Menart, Urška Cop, Andrea Flego, Miha Vardjan and Drago Mislej has selected 14 songs.

In alphabetical order by song titles, these are the 14 entries:

  1. Nina PušlarDež
  2. Martina Šraj Dovolj Ljubezni
  3. Zadnji Taxi Franjo
  4. Vaso & D Plejbeks Gremo na emo
  5. Petra Pe�ovnikIz Nevade
  6. Martina FeriLe en dan
  7. Maro VozeljMaj si zrak
  8. Anz. Roka Žlindere & KalamariNarodnozabavni rock
  9. Sara KoboldOd tod do Ve�nosti
  10. Brigita ŠulerPara me
  11. Ylenia ZobecPriznam
  12. Langa Roko di maj
  13. Manca ŠpikTukaj sem doma
  14. Saša ZamernikŽivim za zdaj

In case of a withdrawal of one or more of the 14 selected tracks mentioned above, the following seven entries are eligible to compete:

  1. Zala HodnikPtice v letu
  2. Samuel LucasNa pravi poti
  3. Andrej Ikica Ko mine ta dan
  4. Sons 3 stvari
  5. Kata Fašink in Rok FerengjaNova Pomlad
  6. Sebastian Bodi ob meni
  7. Skupina Suplenca Gremo ven

Apart from some newcomers, there are also some well known faces to the Eurovision world fighting for victory, among them Brigita Šuler, who was in the 2009 final with her song Druga liga, as well as in the 2008 final, where she came 3rd with her dramatic song about the godess Samara.

The most popular names are Manca Špik and the group Langa, who together participated at EMA 2009 with the ethno song Zaigraj muzikant and won the televoting by a landslide but ended up in 5th place due to the fact that they did not receive a single point from the jury. This scenario will be impossible in 2010, as the altered rules include the method of 100% televoting to determine the winner. This time, Manca and Langa give it another try on their own.

An exact date for the Slovenian national final has not been set yet, however, it has been announced that it will take place in the first half of March.

You can read more about the altered rules of EMA 2010 here.

In 2009, Slovenia was represented by Quartissimo feat. Martina, who finished 16th in the second semi final thus not qualifying for the final.