NRK reveals the 7 contestants for Bodø

by Victor Hondal 77 views

The line-up for the second semifinal of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, to be held in Bodø, has been released. Among the 7 competitors, there are some known names, such as Hanne Haugsand, Tomine Harket and Maria Arredondo. The show is scheduled for January 16th.

The list of the seven acts for the second semifinal of the 2010 Melodi Grand Prix is as follows (composer in brackets):

  • Venke Knutson – Jealous 'cos I love you (Laila Samuelsen)
  • Skanksters – Life is here today (Arne Hovda)
  • Tomine Harket – Be good to me (Tommy LaVerdi, Peter Ställmark)
  • Hanne Haugsand – Don't stop (Mariann Thomassen, Lars Erik Westby)
  • Maria Arredondo – The touch (Rolf Løvland)
  • Heine Totland – The best of me is you (Arne Hovda, Hans Petter Aaserud, Heine Totland)
  • Alexander Stenerud – Give it to me (Alexander Stenerud)

Some of these names are well-known and popular with the Norwegian and European public. Hanne Haugsand is a former member of the group Charmed, that represented Norway at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest with the song My heart goes boom. Tomine Harket is the daughter of Morten Harket of the worldwide famous group A-ha. Other important names are Maria Arredondo and Alexander Stenerud, who competed at the 2009 Melodi Grand Prix.

The show will take place on the 16th of January in the city of Bodø. Two acts will win a spot in the final while other two will have a second chance. You can learn more about the first heat of the 2010 Norwegian national selection for Eurovision here .