Daily Press Poll 2017: Results from day 1 of rehearsals

by Jessica Weaver 17,230 views

Day one of rehearsals have come to an end which saw entrants from 9 countries performing on the Eurovision 2017 stage for the very first time. How did members of the viewing press rate each of today’s performances?

Following today’s rehearsals, 35 members of the press viewing each of the performances from the International Exhibition Centre watched and rated each of today’s appearances.

Members of the press were asked to rate the performances based on the rehearsals rather than by their favourite songs, in which they were asked to give 5 points to their 1st place, 3 points to their 2nd and 1 point to their 3rd.

Results from day 1 of our Daily Press Poll 2017

Earlier today, ESCToday went live on Facebook to unveil the full results of today’s poll and to give a summary and prediction of each of the performances. Missed the show? Watch again here!

Kyiv Calling: Day 1 Rehearsals and Press Poll

Tune in at ESCToday and check the first Press Poll live from #Kyiv!

Posted by Esctoday on Sunday, April 30, 2017

The full results of the first day of ESCToday’s Daily Press Poll 2017 were as follows:

Receiving a large number of today’s votes was the first rehearsal from Finland’s Norma John, who later went on to speak to us at ESCToday about their placing in our press poll together with their plans for the coming days.

How did they react to today’s press poll results? View our live video from 28:33 onwards.

Here you can check out the full set of today’s first rehearsals:

Daily Press Poll continues tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 18:45 CEST, we will be bringing you the results of day 2 of the Daily Press Poll 2017 in which we will see the remaining 9 rehearsals from the following semi-final 1 participating countries: Greece, Poland, Moldova, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Armenia, Slovenia and Latvia. Stay tuned!