Armenia: youtube video claims Mihran & Emmy for Oslo

by Marcus Klier 60 views

A promotional video has appeared on youtube which claims that duo Mihran & Emmy will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is Oslo. The video was uploaded on 1st December and there is currently no official statement by the broadcaster.

The video:

Mihran is a rapper and dancer from Armenia, who has also worked with popular international acts. Emmy is a newcomer to the music scene who has earlier raised speculations that she would represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest or take part in the national final.

Please notice that currently we have no official statement from the boradcaster. The story is under investigation and we will keep you updated!

Armenia has been competing in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2006. In 2009, they were represented by Inga & Anush with the song Nor par (Jan jan), which finished tenth in the final making it the country's lowest placing entry to date.