Israel: Kdam 2010 probably on Channel 2

by Itamar Barak 104 views

Will the Kdam-Eurovision be back this year on Israeli Channel 2? According to the news website, the Israeli broadcaster IBA is now in final negotiations with one of Channel 2 operators, to hand the national Eurovision final into their own hands this year.

Channel 2 was already in charge of producing the Kdam-Eurovision once in the past – it was in 2008, when Channel 2 produced and broadcasted a two-nights event, during which Boaz Mauda performed all 4 songs in the final. 'The fire in your eyes' was then selected. Mauda went on to score the 9th place in the Eurovision Song Contest's final in Belgrade that year with that song.

If this year's initiative will indeed be realized, the 2010 national will not be dedicated to a single artist, but rather be a classic Kdam-Eurovision, as in it's glorious days of the past: The organizers intend to offer the chance to compete to every Israeli artist as well as, probably, approach well known ones, and offer them to join the show. The contest is expected to be held sometime during the month of February.

These news come only a day after it was reported that the matter of Israel's participation in Eurovision might be an issue on the agenda of the Culture committee of the Knesset, Israeli parliament. Member of Knesset Alexander Miller has requested a special sitting of the committee, in order to discuss the country's poor results in the contest, over the last decade. Should this sitting be held, it is expected to include representatives of the IBA, artists and also representatives of OGAE Israel.