Ani Lorak wins an award in Russia

by Anna Krasilnikova 194 views

Ani Lorak, the runner up who represented Ukraine in Belgrade at Eurovision Song Contest 2008, has won an award for the best song of the year 2009, composed and produced by Dimitris Kontopoulos.

Yesterday, at the anual ceremony Zolotoi Grammofon in Moscow, Ani Lorak, the Ukrainian participant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, won an award for the best song of the year 2009. The track, titled Solnce (Sun), as well as the rest of the album was composed by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, who is well known to the Eurovision public by other entries with Koldun from Belarus in 2007 and Sakis Rouvas from Greece in 2009. The ballad Solnce is also available in English under the title I'm alive.

Recently, Dimitris Kontopoulos has released a new single with Sakis Rouvas titled Spase to hrono. In December 2009, a movie titled Duress (Hollywood) will hit Greek theatres, starring Sakis Rouvas with music by Dimitris Kontopoulos.

You can watch video by Ani Lorak below:

New single by Sakis Rouvas:

Movie Duress trailer: