OGAE Poll 2017: OGAE Germany unveils their votes

by Jessica Weaver 5,808 views

It’s a busy week in the OGAE International Poll as the final week of voting sees points from the remaining clubs being presented throughout the week, the winner of which being decided by the end of the month. But is it safe to say that a winner of the OGAE Poll 2017 has already been decided?

OGAE Germany is next to unveil their votes in the OGAE Poll 2017 with further success for Italy and their entrant Francesco Gabbani. With Occidentali’s karma taking the lead in the OGAE Poll by over 100 points as well as seeing further success across the betting odds, could we have a clear winner for Eurovision 2017?

Check out the full results from OGAE Germany!

Points from OGAE Germany

  • 1 point goes to Bulgaria
  • 2 points go to Israel
  • 3 points go to Hungary
  • 4 points go to Finland
  • 5 points go to Sweden
  • 6 points go to Portugal
  • 7 points go to France
  • 8 points go to Estonia
  • 10 points go to Belgium
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 3

  1. Italy: 323 points
  2. Belgium: 215 points
  3. Sweden: 209 points

In the coming days, we’ll get to know the favourites of the fan club members in the OGAE Poll 2017 in the lead up to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned as the votes continue to roll in with a winner set to be crowned later this month!

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