Greece: Sakis Rouvas' new film premieres November 15

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Duress, the new film starring Greek star Sakis Rouvas, premieres on Sunday 15 November during the Thessaloniki film Festival . This dark psychological thriller with a sinister twist at the very end is Sakis' second attempt as an actor and the first one in an English speaking film. Sakis made his debut as an actor two years ago when he starred in the Greek film Alter ego.

Duress is a dark thriller (Greek title Sta akra) directed by Jordan Barker and shot in Los Angeles. The original soundtrack was composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos, who also wrote the Greek Eurovision Song Contest 2009 entry This is our night which was performed by Sakis Rouvas.

Sakis Rouvas, who is extremely popular in his home country also due to his sunny personality, plays the role of dark Abner Solvie, a sociopathic killer who kidnaps a little girl (Cristina Dohmen) and forces her father (Martin Donovan) to commit various sinister illegal activities in order to save her.

The first screening of Duress takes place on 15 November, at 20.00 at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. More information for Greek fans wishing to attend the film's premiere in Thessaloniki at the Festival offices 2310 378 400 & 210 870 6000.

Duress trailer

Sakis Rouvas in Alter ego

Sakis Rouvas has represented his country twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Once in 2004, when he achieved a respectable third place with Shake it and again in the 2009 contest, placing 7th with This is our night.

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