INFE Poll 2017: Ukraine is set to unveil their votes

by Jessica Weaver 2,660 views

It’s time to reveal the next votes of the INFE Poll 2017, this time coming from the Eurovision host nation! Over the coming days, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will be presenting you with the results of the first official INFE Poll, with votes gathered and combined from INFE clubs based in Europe and beyond!

Throughout the rest of this month, the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) in collaboration with ESCToday will be bringing you the full results of the official INFE Poll 2017, the first of its kind for the network since its formation back in 2011.

Members based in 18 clubs across the INFE Network have submitted their votes which have been counted and combined, ready to be officially presented over the remaining days to come.

The next set of votes are in today, with the top 10 of the fan club INFE Ukraine now ready to be presented! Let’s have a look at how members from the 2017 Eurovision host nation have voted.

Votes from INFE Ukraine

  • 1 point goes to Sweden
  • 2 points go to France
  • 3 points go to Belgium
  • 4 points go to Australia
  • 5 points go to Italy
  • 6 points go to Cyprus
  • 7 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 8 points go to Israel
  • 10 points go to Bulgaria
  • 12 points go to Belarus!

Current top 5

  1. Italy: 116 points
  2. Bulgaria: 81 points
  3. Sweden: 68 points
  4. Belgium: 47 points
  5. France: 41 points

Belarus receives their highest set of votes in the INFE Poll 2017 to date, having being presented with their first set of 12 points! Bulgaria’s score continues to rise after receiving the second highest number of points possible.

For only the second time in the INFE Poll 2017, Italy fails to reach the top 3 of the club’s vote but still manages to receive a respectable 5 points.

The next set of votes will be presented later today here at ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network, so stay tuned!

All about INFE Ukraine

INFE Ukraine was founded in 2016 in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv following its ongoing media collaboration with their country’s neighbouring fan club, INFE Belarus.

Following Ukraine’s Eurovision victory at the 2016 competition, INFE Ukraine has seen a rise in interest and popularity, continuing to grow as a club on a regular basis.

Find out more about INFE Ukraine by visiting the club’s official website!