INFE Poll 2017: Presenting the first results from Belarus

by Jessica Weaver 4,286 views

It’s time to kick off the first annual INFE Poll with the first set of votes! Over the coming days, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will be presenting you with the results of the first official INFE Poll, with votes gathered and combined from INFE clubs based in Europe and beyond!

Kicking off today, the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) in collaboration with ESCToday will be bringing you the full results of the official INFE Poll 2017, the first of its kind for the network since its formation back in 2011.

Members based in 12 clubs across the INFE Network have submitted their votes which have been counted and combined, ready to be officially presented over the days to come!

Our first set of votes of 2017 come from INFE Belarus, but which entries have they ranked in their top 10? Let’s find out!

Votes from INFE Belarus

  • 1 point goes to Cyprus
  • 2 points go to Sweden
  • 3 points go to Belgium
  • 4 points go to Austria
  • 5 points go to Switzerland
  • 6 points go to Israel
  • 7 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 8 points go to Australia
  • 10 points go to Bulgaria
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 5

  1. Italy: 12 points
  2. Bulgaria: 10 points
  3. Australia: 8 points
  4. Azerbaijan: 7 points
  5. Israel: 6 points

It’s a good start for Italy’s Francesco Gabbani, but will the country’s success persist as more and more votes from the INFE Poll 2017 continue to roll in over the coming days? Stay tuned as tomorrow, the second set of votes are set to be presented here at ESCToday together with the INFE Network!

All about INFE Belarus

INFE Belarus is one of the most recent clubs to join the INFE Network. Founded in April 2015, INFE Belarus sees a vast number of new members joining the Belarusian club on a daily basis despite its recent foundation.

The Belarusian INFE club is highly active within the INFE Network since joining, offering new and innovative ideas within the network’s development.

You can find out more about INFE Belarus by visiting the club’s official website!