ESCToday Votes: Here are the semi-final 1 qualifiers

by Georgi Senkishev 4,127 views

Introducing the debut of the ESCToday Votes! The ESCToday jury has voted in traditional Eurovision style to determine their top 10 songs which they believe should qualify on the 9 May to the grand final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

For the first time in the history of the website, the editors at ESCToday of all ages and backgrounds have submitted their top 10 favourite songs of this year’s first and second semi-final!

What have they decided? Which countries would they like to see advance to the grand final on the 13 May?

The 11 member jury has voted in traditional Eurovision style with points ranging from 1 to 8 and then 10 and 12 points which were awarded to their top 10 favourite songs.

First semi-final votes are in!

The votes of each of the ESCToday editors have been gathered and counted! Here are the semi-final 1 qualifiers listed in a random order:

  • Portugal
  • Cyprus
  • Azerbaijan
  • Moldova
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Belgium

The ones which almost made it…

Finishing in 11th place was Latvia which missed out on the 10th spot by only 2 points, while Montenegro placed in 12th position. The remaining countries which didn’t make it to the final are Albania, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Poland and Slovenia.

What do you think of the results of the ESCToday jury? Do you agree with the semi-final 1 votes, or would you swap any of the qualifiers and non-qualifiers around?

Check out the full list of participating countries including the entries from both semi-final 1 and in semi-final 2, together with the members of the Big 5 nations as well as the host country of Ukraine.

Where do the other polls stand?

In the upcoming weeks prior to Eurovision, the OGAE fan clubs will continue voting for their top 10 favourite songs in the annual OGAE Poll, of which you can see the current results. With one country taking a big lead, has a clear winner of Eurovision 2017 already been found?

Stay tuned as the ESCToday jury votes once again for their top 10 in semi-final 2 of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest!

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