Denmark: Emmelie de Forest releases Never Give Up On You

by Jessica Weaver 1,928 views

Denmark’s 2013 Eurovision winner is back! Emmelie de Forest has released a cover version of the United Kingdom’s entry for Eurovision 2017, Never give up on you.

Earlier this year saw Lucie Jones winning the United Kingdom’s national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Eurovision: You Decide, in which the Welsh singer was crowned the winner of the contest and earning the right to compete in Kyiv.

Her song, Never give up on you, was written by Lawrie Martin and Daniel Salcedo together with Denmark’s last Eurovision winner to date Emmelie de Forest, who has since gone on to release her own version of the UK’s entry. Check it out!

Last month saw the release of the final revamped version of Never give up on you, the version which is set to be performed at the Eurovision final in Kyiv. Numerous changes were made to the arrangement of the song with a more orchestral pop-ballad feel to the entry.

Which version of the UK’s entry do you prefer? Compare with Jones’ Eurovision entry!

The United Kingdom will automatically compete in the grand final of Eurovision 2017 on the 13 May as a member of the ‘Big 5’.