Spain: Manel Navarro sings a variety of Eurovision hits!

by Georgi Senkishev 855 views

The Spanish entrant for Eurovision 2017, Manel Navarro, has published a special video singing a medley of past Eurovision hits. Check it out!

Manel Navarro, the Spanish entrant for Eurovision 2017 has made a mashup of some of the popular Eurovision songs from over the previous years.

The special medley features the 2010 winning song Satellite, L’essenziale (Italy 2013), Goodbye to yesterday (Estonia 2015), J’ai cherché (France 2016), Calm after the storm (Netherlands 2014) and of course his own 2017 entry Do it for your lover.

You can watch the mashup right here:

Spain is part of the ‘Big 5’ countries and therefore qualifies automatically to the final on the 13th of May