Eurovision 2017: Contest in Kyiv ‘remains top priority’

by Jessica Weaver 4,107 views

Speculation hit its peak today following the news that, following a prank call to the EBU’s Director General, it was revealed that the competition could potentially be moved to Berlin if the travel ban issue involving Russia’s representative was not resolved. The EBU’s Senior Communications officer Dave Goodman has spoken.

Following today’s latest scandal to hit the Eurovision scene with ongoing negotiations at the forefront regarding Russia’s Julia Samoylova and her participation in Kyiv, the EBU’s Senior Communications officer Dave Goodman has spoken of the plans for the competition this May.

Speaking to Tass following today’s revelation regarding the possibility of moving the 2017 competition to Berlin if an agreement was not reached, Goodman denied the latest rumours, stating:

We are concentrating on producing a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest with our member UA:PBC (Ukraine’s National Public Broadcasting Company) in Kiev in May which remains our top priority.

Talks regarding Russia ongoing

Goodman went on to speak of ongoing talks regarding Samoylova’s participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest following a 3-year-ban on her entering the country, talks which have yet to conclude. We will have further news in the next few days, promised Goodman.

Last weekend saw the official Russian postcard for Eurovision 2017 being filmed with the selected representative in the city of Moscow, adding fuel to the fire with further speculation rising as to whether a compromise had been found between the EBU at the Ukrainian government.

However, both the Ukrainian government’s and the country’s national broadcaster’s stance remains firm, with host broadcaster UA:PBC releasing a statement earlier this week advising the EBU to refrain from interfering in Kyiv’s interior affairs and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is still set to take place on the 9, 11 and 13 May at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.

What is set to follow in the coming days remains to be unseen, however more news is certainly expected to come within due course.