United Kingdom : Maggie Moone wins Retro 80 contest

by Dominique Dufaut 120 views

Since 2003, Gary Speirs, a well-known eurofan from Wales, invites all clubs in Europe to enter the Retro contest, a competition in which songs that has not won their national selection, can go for a second chance, a kind of OGAE Second Chance in reverse. This year's results were published yesterday.

This year, a grand total of 31 national juriesvoted for 12 songs from 12 countries. With 289 points and 12 times the 12 points, Maggie Moone and her song Happy everything won the competition for the UK. The 1980 British selection was one of the most exciting finals ever, as Maggie Moone and Prima Donna received the same amount of points. A second round of voting finally gave the victory to Love Enough For Two. As for Retro 80, Costa Cordalis reached the second place, with a grandtotal of 231 points for Pan (the song was penned by Mr Siegel) and Anne Delorme placed third for France. Complete results can be found here.

Maggie Moone

Costa Cordalis

Besides Retro, Gary Speirs invites national clubs whose country had no televised selection in 1980 (and countries that didn’t participate at the Eurovision Song Contesta at the time) to enter a song that was a hit, in a second contest entitled Guest Hit 1980.This year’s edition saw the victory of Umberto Tozzi’s song Stella Stai for Italy only three points ahead of Cyprus’ entry, Methysmeni Politeia, by Anna Vissi

Umberto Tozzi

Anna Vissi

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