Belgium: Seven criteria for Oslo entry

by Marcus Klier 129 views

Belgian newspaper Het laatse nieuws has revealed broadcaster VRT's seven criteria for Belgium's entry in the upcoming 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

The seven criteria are (translations by

  1. The song is an instant hit: simple, but powerful and moving.
  2. The song should have a strong intro and go to a final crescendo and "all existing clichés should be used in a surprising way".
  3. The chorus should stick like glue and "leave a lasting impression" (e.g. a powerful ballad).
  4. A ballad should be hopeful, so positive, and "cause strong emotions". An up-tempo song should be especially spectacular and "sound over the top to Flemish ears".
  5. A text with a link to Belgium would be an "extra value".
  6. The song may take only three minutes or should be reduced to three minutes.
  7. The song should never be interpreted or recorded before.

The selection procedure is yet unknown. In 2009, Belgium was represented by Copycat with their eponymous entry as chosen by the Walloon broadcaster and the band finished 17th (2nd last) in the first semi final thus not making it to final. The last Belgian entry submitted by the Flemish broadcaster that reached the top ten was A million in one, two, three back in 1977.

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