Last night in Israel: The wedding of two Eurovision fans

by Itamar Barak 113 views

The saying that the Eurovision Song Contest brings people together got a thrilling and romantic meaning last night in Israel, when Israeli Miya Sopher and Glen Webb from the UK, both Eurovision fans, got married!

This wonderful love story started backin May 2008 in Serbia, when Belgrade hosted the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest. Miya Sopher (29), a very dedicated Eurovision fan from Israel, arrived at the contest with a group of fellow fans. Arriving at the same time and place, was Glen Webb (35), who, in hisspare time, is a reporter of the Eurovision Song Contest's official website

The two most dedicated fans had already seen each other during their previous trips to Eurovision, especially in 2004, when they both cheared for Ukraine, when their favourite Ruslana took the victory.Still, something different happened in Belgrade. Since Miya and Glen had both arrived at the Serbian capital earlier than their friends did, they got together for a lunch – exactly then, their fairytale was sparked.

When the week ended, it was obvious something special was lit. Soon after Miya and Glen returned to their home countries, they both visited each other, several times. A few months later, Miya left Israel, her family and her job as a pharmacist and went to be with Glen in Birmingham. Not long afterwards, the couple announced they were engaged.

Last night the couple got married,inthe city ofRishon le'Tzion. It was a special marriage ceremony, not only since Miya is Jewish and Glen is a Christian, but also because this was a very Eurovision themed event. At the beginning of the ceremony, Glen and his parents entered to the sounds of the 1996 Swedish entry 'Den Vilda'. Then, it was the time of the bride's grand entrance: Miya walked in, with the instrumental version of the 2005 entry from Serbia & Montenegro 'Zauvijek moja' being played. The marriage ceremony itself was conducted according to the Jewish tradition, meaning Glen broke the glass cup with his foot, at the very end of the ceremony, to the crowd's rejoice. At that exact moment the joyful 1989 Danish entry 'Vi Maler Byen Rød' started with fireworks litting up the sky.

Later on, the two had their first slow dance as a married couple,very suitably with Spain's 'Bailar Pegados' from 1991. Throughout the rest of the evening, The Eurovision scent did not fade away. The large group of Eurovision fans and friends of the couple had a nice treat of hits. Imgaes of Miya and Glen, together and seperately, from Eurovision past trips were screened all around.

We, at the team, would like to give Miya and Glen our congratulations and wish them mazal tov! May love will shine a light in every corner of your hearts!

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