Ukraine 2017: The plot thickens with EBU’s proposal

by Michalis Vranis 3,618 views

The travel ban applied to the Russian representative in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, by the Security Services of the host country, Ukraine caused an avalanche of actions and reactions. Earlier today the EBU suggested a brilliant idea to include Julia Samoilova in the Eurovision show(s), where she would perform remotely on a stage outside Ukraine. Little they know.

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister reacts

Through his personal Twitter account, the Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister, Vyacheslav Kirilenko, rejects EBU’s proposal since having Julia performing remotely is equally illegal as to have her entering the Ukrainian territory.

According to Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, it makes no difference if the person is present on location or she appears live on the Eurovision show(s), since she’s considered persona non grata.

Furthermore, Kirilenko suggested to Russia that they should pick a participant who has not violated the Ukrainian laws.

Mocking EBU’s idea

In the meantime, EBU’s suggestion to have the Russian representative performing live via satellite, gave ground to the Eurovision fan community to mock the proposal with various memes.

Don't worry. EBU found a solution for Russia 😆

Posted by Eurovision Questions on Thursday, March 23, 2017


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