Russia: Julia Samoilova will go to Eurovision in any case

by Michalis Vranis 5,707 views

According to the news outlet, RTR and Channel 1 stated that Julia Samoilova will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in any case. Does this mean we have a participant for 2018 already?

The turmoil between Kyiv, Moscow and Geneva is undergoing with the three sides commenting over the decision of SBU, the Security Services of Ukraine, to not allow entrance to the country for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest representative for Russia, Julia Somailova.

Julia to Eurovision in any case

The press office of Channel 1 in Russia has stated according to, that Julia Samoilova will represent Russia in Eurovision in any case. If in the end she will be allowed to enter Ukraine this year she will represent the country otherwise, she will be Russia’s representative for 2018, regardless of the country, city or venue where Eurovision will take place.

Reactions in Russia

Although today saw the reactions of the host broadcaster as well as the EBU over this ban, the decision of SBU caused a very negative reaction in Russia. There are politicians who suggest Russia to boycott any EBU related project, as well as artists who took the side of Julia Samoilova.

Philip Kirkorov, the 1995 representative and Eurovision veteran, requested from this year’s Eurovision participants to dedicate their songs to Julia Samoilova before their performance: This song is performed in honor of Julia Samoilova, a disabled girl who’s being afraid in here. Furthermore, he mentioned that various Ukrainian performers are allowed to visit Russia and perform their art, like Ani Lorak, Sofia Rotaru, Taisia Povaliy and others.