Germany: Jamie-Lee nominated to the Echo Awards 2017!

by Gil Laufer 765 views

Jamie-Lee, who represented Germany in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest with Ghost, is now nominated to the German Echo Awards in the National Pop category with her debut album Berlin.

The Echo Awards are being given annually since 1992 by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie, an association of Germany’s record companies. Among previous Eurovision participants who received an Echo Award we can find Roger Cicero (2007), Lena (2011), No Angels (2002), The Common Linnets (2015) and Udo Jürgens (1993).

Jamie-Lee is nominated with her debut album Berlin. It was released on 29 April 2016, right before she went on to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest, and includes nine tracks in addition to her Eurovision entry Ghost. The album was a commercial success and charted in Germany (11th place) as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

The Echo Awards 2017 ceremony for pop music will be held on 6 April and hosted by the singers Sasha and Xavier Naidoo (who was supposed to go to Eurovision in 2016)