Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić officially presents Space

by Jessica Weaver 2,977 views

Months of preparation have all come down to today as Montenegro’s Eurovision entry for the 2017 competition was finally revealed! What do you think of Slavko Kalezić and his song Space?

With the Montenegrin representative, Slavko Kalezić, being revealed at the country’s act for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest back in December 2016, the Montenegrin Eurovision team have been busy with preparations for the competition.

From a Swedish collaboration in Stockholm last month to the filming of the official Space music video in recent weeks, this year’s Eurovision project for the nation continued this evening with the official presentation of the Montenegrin entry.

Listen to Space by Kalezić!

Space has been written by composer Momčilo Zeković and produced in collaboration with Sweden’s Stefan Örn, Jovan Radomir and Johan Kronlund.

Örn has worked on a number of previous Eurovision entries, having helped to produce a total of 4 Azerbaijani entries: Drip drop (2010), Running scared (2011), When the music dies (2012) and Start a fire (2014).

Check out the official 2017 Montenegrin entry!

The music video for Space, directed by Dejan Milićević, was recorded earlier this month with a theatrical, yet minimalist, theme being the main vision of the clip.

Milićević worked alongside costume designer Marina Banovic-Džuver to help create Kalezić’s video clip and will continue to work with the Montenegrin artist in the lead up to Eurovision 2017 to help work on the costume design for the actual staging.

Montenegro at Eurovision 2017

Kalezić will compete in the first half of the first semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in a bid to bring Montenegro back to the final of the competition on the 13 May. How will Space fare in Kyiv?