Eurovision postcard to chase a high prize

by Jarmo Siim 327 views

One of the so-called postcards from last year's Eurovision Song Contest, Puss in Boots, has been selected to be one of the nominees of the prestigious and the world's largest animation festival Annecy, which will be held in France in June 2003.

The directors of the clip, Rene Vilbre (also the creative director of the Eurovision Song Contest 2002) and Meelis Arulepp, said that all the makers of the clip were very happy about the announcement, since winning that prize would be like winning the Oscar prize in the movie world.

Puss in Boots tells a story of a blond cat going to a nightclub where she meets a male person trying to seduce her. He transforms into different animals for that purpose. After changing into a mouse the cat swallows him. And the clip ends with the slogan White nights, shooting stars.

The festival will be held between June 2nd and 7th.

The postcard mentioned before and also the clip called The Princess Who Didn't Laugh have been elected to participate in the Fredrikstadi animation festival Nordic-Baltic Competition and to the Latvian festival BIMINI 2003.