Sweden: These are your favourites for Andra Chansen tonight

by Michalis Vranis 1,239 views

Two days ago we invited you to ESCToday’s Poll, to vote for your favourites on Andra Chansen Duels for Melodifestivalen 2017, taking place tonight. In collaboration with Playbuzz, we run this poll and there results are out!

Almost 1000 people voted for the 4 simultaneus polls for Andra Chansen duels. The results are interesting since some duels have clear winners while others have close results, almost ties. Let’s check them.

Duel 1

For the first Duel, De Vet Du are competing against Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O and according to your votes, Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O are about to get through to the grand final earning the votes of 51%.

Duel 2

The second duel, sees Axel Schylström battling against Lisa Ajax. Here the result is clear as Lisa Ajax is set to win with the song I don’t give earning a proud 63%.

Duel 3

The third duel is another close tie where Boris René and Dimissed are competing for a spot in the final next Saturday. This one sees Boris René advancing to the final with a 55%.

Duel 4

Last but not least, the most interesting duel of the night sees a battle between Anton Hagman and Loreen. After your voting, it’s clear that Loreen that will go through to the final with a parade of 80% of the voting.

You can still vote on the poll which is available here 

The show tonight

As usual, Melodifestivalen runs 4 semifinals, 1 second chance round and the grand final. Tonight sees the second chance round, where 2 participants of each semi-final advanced to this round after coming 3rd and 4th on each semi-final respectively. The artists are allocated to duels and they will compete against each other. Each duel will see one winner which will automatically advance to the final, which is set to take place next Saturday, live from Stockholm, Sweden. 8 participants are already waiting for the 4 second-chance winners to join the lineup.

More information about the show tonight, can be found here

Tonight: Melodifestivalen 2017 Andra Chansen in Sweden

Stay tuned with ESCToday for the announcement of the Melodifestivalen Final lineup.