Israel: Yardena Arazi making a comeback

by Itamar Barak 154 views

Israeli singer Yardena Arazi, who is a veteran of the Eurovision Song Contests from the 1970's and 1980's, released a new single today, 'Perfume on my skin', the first of her upcoming album.

Yardena Arazi was one third of the "Chocolate Menta Mastik" trio, which sang for Israel in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest and ended in the 6th place with "Emor Shalom". Arazi came backto the Eurovision stage in 1979 in Jerusalem as the show's host, alongwith Daniel Pe'er. During the 1980's, Yardena Arazi was one the most popular singers in Israel. Arazi competed on her own in the Israeli national final Kdam-Eurovisionthree times in the 1980's, each time ending as a runner up, including in 1983, when Ofra Haza came first. This was a climax episode in a rivalry between the two singers, which was mainly stimulated by the media and fans of both stars.

In 1988 IBA internally selected Yardena Arazi as the national entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. The song "Ben Adam" was selected in a national final, out of 4 songs. In Dublin, Arazi ended up in the respectable 7th place. In the mid 1990's Arazi made a pause in her musical career and concentrated in television, mainly hosting a popular morning show on the second channel.

After 13 years of keeping a low profile on the local music scene, Yardena Arazi is now set to make a comeback with her forthcoming album, from which the single "Perfume on my skin" (Bosem al ori) was released to day. Listen to the song bellow.