Latvia: New album by Brainstorm

by Victor Hondal 86 views

Brainstorm, one of the acts who most successfully represented Latvia, back in 2000, have released their latest CD, called Shag (Step). The album comprises 13 tracks, available to listen to online.

Brainstorm, the band led by Renars Kaupers who also hosted the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest and Congratulations: 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 alongside Katrina Leskanich, have released their brand new album, Shag.

The tracklist of the CD is as follows:

  1. A moment to share
  2. Tol'ko by ty na menja posmotrela
  3. Montsa
  4. Years and seconds
  5. Siam
  6. Shag
  7. And I lie
  8. Pro Guru
  9. Stupeni
  10. White
  11. On my way
  12. Volny
  13. Simple things that matter

The 13 tracks comprised in the album can be listened to online, on the band's official website .

Brainstorm represented Latvia at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm, with the song My star, ending up in third place.

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