USA: Justin Timberlake’s performance of ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ at the Oscars

by Georgi Senkishev 1,413 views

Last year in Justin Timberlake performed his song Can’t stop the feeling as an interval act at the Grand final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and now he has gone one step further

World famous singer, actor and performer Justin Timberlake and of course last year’s Eurovision interval act, performed his Academy Award nominated song Can’t stop the feeling at the opening of the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony in Hollywood.

Was there a link between Eurovision and the Oscars before 2017?

Justin Timberlake is not the only Eurovision interval act to have made it to the Oscars, in the past there was the Riverdance! Indeed, the Riverdance which was the interval act in 1994 Eurovision in Dublin made it to the Oscars too. The producers of Riverdance, threw a show out of it shortly after Eurovision and it has toured over 450 venues. After its Oscar’s presentation it gained over 25 million viewers and became one of the most successful dance productions in the world.

Here is the interval act performance at the 39th Eurovision in Ireland:

The dance made it’s way to the 1997 Academy Awards and you can see the performance right here:

Justin Timberlake at Eurovision 2016

The famous American singer and actor performed during the final in Stockholm for the first time live.