Ireland: RT&#201 spent �182,000 on Irish entry

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RT&#201, the national broadcaster responsible for the Irish Eurovision Song Contest entry spent over �182,000 on Ireland's delegation for Moscow this year.

Speculatedas beinga decent bet for glory, Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy failed to even make it to the Eurovision Song Contest final in Moscow last month.

The €182,630 bill covered the cost of choosing the band, the EBU entry fees to particpate in the show, flights andaccommodation bills, visas and entertainment.

The hotel bill for the 15 member delegation amounted to €24,710, flights €6,761, food and entertainment €9,540, visas €1,400 and airport transfers €978.

The information was provided to the Irish Independent newspaper under a 'Freedom of Information'request in Ireland.

RTÉ is currently short on cash with an estimated €68 million funding deficit. Last year, the bill was €170,000 for Dustin the Turkey to participate in Serbia, despitestaging a national final contest outside the RTÉ studio's which would incur major increases in costs. This year however, the cost of stagingthe nationalfinal on RTE's own 'Late Late Show' in the RTÉ studios costed €83,879, while the Eurovision Song Contest participation fee was more than €55,000.

An RTÉ spokesman defended the Eurovision Song Contest bill and said the cash had provided seven hours of entertainment.

"All these programmes attracted substantial audiences. All costs in Moscow were carefully controlled," he said.

"In all cases, the cheapest possible flights were booked. The hotel costs reflect the going rate in Moscow."

Simon Coveney, an Irish politician said, an "honest review" of the entire RTÉEurovision Song Contest process was needed, but added: "To be fair to RTÉ, they get lumbered with the costs. There would be a lot of disappointed people if RTÉ decided not to enter."

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