Armenia: Sirusho releases her new single Der Zor

by Stratos Agadellis 1,933 views

One of the most popular Armenian singers and former Eurovision participant Sirusho (4th place, Eurovision 2008) with the song Qele Qele has recently released her new single Der Zor.

Der Zor is a song talking about the Armenian Genocide, the loss of so many souls and the memories of the survivors. The story of the song is about a girl who loses its home in Armenia and moves to America with her family.

The song and its music video

The song was released on 19 February 2017, the shooting of its official video took place in two different cities: in the Genocide abandoned city of Ani in Western Armenia and in Los Angeles, California, where the survivors of the disaster found a shelter. After many difficulties, they started again their lives there keeping alive their language and traditions. The video clip begins with kids playing and talking in their native language (Armenian) outside the Armenian school in Los Angeles.

You can watch the video clip of the song below:

Documentary after the song

Sirusho’s research about the Genocide was her motivation for singing this song and travelling to the USA for filming the video. Apart from the song, a documentary film was released, with Sirusho as the central speaker and many of her partners talking about that historical fact and how the survivors moved to other parts of the world and especially to Los Angeles.

You can watch the documentary below from the official Sirusho’s channel in YouTube (in the Armenian language):

The singer posted a photo from her trip to California to her official Facebook account:

Back in California for a few new projects. Big premier coming in a few days))

Опубликовано Sirusho 12 февраля 2017 г.

Sirusho enjoyed success all over Europe after her participation in Eurovision 2008 and has gained lots of fans. The song has already more than 250,000 views on YouTube and it is sure that it will touch the souls of many people.