Italy: Francesco Gabbani speaks of Eurovision plans

by Jessica Weaver 2,316 views

Following his big Sanremo victory earlier this month, Francesco Gabbani has been a huge talking point throughout Italy as well as across the globe! But what are the Italian singer’s plans for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

Earlier this month, Francesco Gabbani made history in the Sanremo Music Festival 2017 by becoming the first ever artist to win the Nuove Proposte and Campioni category of the festival in two consecutive years, and it’s been non-stop for the singer-songwriter ever since!

From surpassing over 25 million views on YouTube for his winning hit Occidentali’s karma to going gold in Italy, it’s been a busy few weeks for the popular singer with more action to come in the coming weeks.

Gabbani at Eurovision 2017

Many questions have arisen following Gabbani’s victory at the Sanremo Music Festival 2017 regarding the act set to go forward to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest; What are Gabbani’s plans for the Kyiv-hosted competition? Will there be any changes to Occidentali’s karma? Will the staging remain the same?

Gabbani spoke to TV Sorrisi e Canzoni regarding his forthcoming plans for the competition this coming May, including news on his upcoming album; ‘I hope’ was his reply when asked whether his album will be finished in time for Eurovision 2017.

Talking of his plans regarding his gorilla partner on the Kyiv stage, Gabbani confirmed:

The ‘scimmiografo’, namely choreographer Filippo Ranaldi, has made a fundamental contribution. I do not know yet if we are going to do the same dance or something new, nor have I decided whether we will insert some short words in English to make the song international. One thing is certain; the gorilla will not travel in the hold!

Occidentali’s karma, which is currently 3 and a half minutes long, will have to undergo some small changes at the minimum in order to comply with the official Eurovision rules. However further changes to the hit single, including the addition of English phrases, are yet to be finalised by Gabbani and the song-writing team.

One thing is certain; our gorilla friend will be making an appearance on the Kyiv stage this coming May!

Italy, who is a member of the Big 5 automatic qualifying countries, will compete in the grand final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest on the 13 May in the hope to bring the competition back to the nation for 2018.