France: Alma reveals the English lyrics for ‘Requiem’

by Georgi Senkishev 3,651 views

The French representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv just revealed via live streaming the english lyrics to the french entry Requiem

Alma the French artist for Eurovision 2017 has just revealed the English part of her song Requiem. During a live stream for the Facebook page of Melty, Alma revealed the surprise English lyrics to her entry.

The English part in Lyrics

During the live show, Alma said that although there is part of the song that was in English, it still is a small part of it. These are the English lyrics:

Embrasse-moi dis moi que tu m’aime
fais moi sourire au beau milieu d’un Requiem,
embrasse moi dis moi que tu m’aime
fais moi danser jusqu’à ce que le temps nous reprenne,
will you take me to paradise
with you nothing ever dies,
You take my smile and make it bright
before the night erases the light,
I won’t go below silver skies
the only dark is in your eyes,
On pleure mais on survit quand même,
C’est la beauté du Requiem

Watch the performance here

You can find more details on Alma’s live chat on Melty’s Facebook page:


What do you think? Could the addition of the English lyrics make any difference to the outcome of the song in May?