France: Alma talks about her life and Eurovision

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Alma, the 2017 French Eurovision representative, recently gave an insightful interview to Paris Match, talking about her life, career and upcoming Eurovision adventure.

Time to get to know Alma (born as Alexandra Maquet), who will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, France, with the song Requiem. Marie-France Chatrier of Paris Match magazine had an interview with the 28 year old singer, who talked about her upbringing and her preparation for Eurovision.

Alma, born in Lyon, describes herself as a genuine globetrotter, having lived in various countries from an early age. As she explaines to Paris Match:

My father works for an American company, he is a computer wholesaler, we constantly move to follow him.

At 15, Alma moved to the United States where she attended school, only to return to France at age 17, enrolling in the Lille business school IESEG. In this period, she went on internships in Brazil and Belgium, conrtibuting to her international allure and the fact that she speaks four languages fluently. Alma also decided that, although she enjoyed her education, her passion was music, opting for a life as a singer-songwriter:

This background makes me more serene, it allows me to choose with whom I work. If it does not work, I know I have another route.

Although Alma could have easily written and sang in English, the young artist chose for the French language:

Three years ago, I met with talented people who made me want to write in my own language, even if it is a challenge.

Alma’s Eurovision entry Requiem was written by Nazim Khaled, who also co-wrote J’ai cherché for Amir, who went on to reach the 6th place in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016. The electro-pop elements in Requiem were added by WE ARE I.V, placing the song in the tradition of popular contemporary singers such as Stromae, and the accompanying video was directed by Christian Volckman.

Alma is preparing for her performance in Kyiv, for the meantime focussing on the whole performance instead of clothing:

It’s too early. First we will start to work the scenography around me. This huge show, Eurovision, puts enormous technical resources at our service, I intend to use them.

Read Alma’s original interview with Marie-France Chatrier of Paris Match here.

Alma will perform Requiem in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2017 on 13 May 2017, as France is one of the Big 5 countries already placed for the final.

Enjoy the official video for Requiem by Alma.

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