Sertab Erener defends her song

by Can Sunata 326 views

At a press conference organised by TRT, Sertab Erener and TRT General Manager Yücel Yener gave some information about the video clip for “Every Way That I Can” and explained to the Turkish public why Turkey will be competing in English at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Erener stated that she has been working on the entry for three months and said that “My success will be my country's success.” Referring to the debate over the language in which she will be singing the entry she said: “This debate should end and people should be able to see the whole picture. I did everything I could. My success in Riga depends on your support. I will represent my country as best as I can with my stage performance and presentation, with the video clip of the song, and during the press conferences that will take place within one week before the contest. People should stop asking 'why is it in English?' They should be able to see the entire picture and they should stop asking why a certain colour was used for that picture.”

TRT General Manager, Yücel Yener, also explained that the free language rule was adopted by the EBU in 1998 and when they asked Sertab Erener to represent Turkey at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, she told them that she believed she would be more successful if she would sing the entry in English since English is considered as an international language. Yener added that this is the first time they decided to do this and their goal is to achieve international success for Turkey.

Sertab stated that, as a well-liked and a professional performer, she is putting herself into risk by having accepted to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest. She said: “I have accepted TRT's offer because I believe that I can succeed. However, the criticisms have already begun and I am afraid that if I cannot succeed, I might have to leave the country in the end.”

Sertab also gave some information regarding the video clip of the entry. She said that she played the role of a concubine, who is no longer her Sultan's favorite and who tries many different tricks to win him back. The clip was shot by utilising the pop-up technology at Istanbul's Topkap? Palace, inside Sultan Abdülhamit's room. This was the first time ever a permit was given for a video clip to be shot in that particular residence.

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