United Kingdom: ‘Slight changes’ to be made to Eurovision 2017 entry?

by Jessica Weaver 573 views

Eurovision: You Decide winner and British representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Lucie Jones, has spoken of her win in the country’s national final and revealed the latest plans on the future of the nation’s song entry.

Having won the United Kingdom’s national final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Lucie Jones has had a busy weekend to follow such as her appearance on BBC Radio 2’s Graham Norton Show, as well as Eurovision-related meetings with both the producers and the BBC.

With time over the weekend to take in Friday night’s victory, Jones appeared on BBC Breakfast on Monday morning to speak of her performance at Eurovision: You Decide, as well as giving an insight into her future plans for the UK’s song entry for the contest, Never give up on you.

‘I didn’t expect it to be me!’

Speaking of her Eurovision: You Decide win to the BBC Breakfast hosts, Jones revealed:

It was crazy! I didn’t expect it to be me. I had a very clear name formed in my head of who I thought it was going to be, and when Mel [Giedroyc] didn’t say that I genuinely thought that maybe she made a mistake. And then I realised that it was me and it was crazy, amazing obviously, but I didn’t expect it.

Jones’ winning performance on Eurovision: You Decide.

The hosts went on to speak of the challenges of Eurovision, with mentions of ‘political voting’ with additional pressure regarding the recent Brexit vote, in which Jones responded:

Well I think; it’s always talked about this political voting, it’s always talked about with Eurovision, but this year, to be honest, I’m looking forward to going and being part of an event that is globally unifying, it’s all about unity and including everyone. What a great year it is to be an ambassador for our country, and I’ll do what I can to try and make us proud.

Changes to the British Eurovision 2017 entry?

Whispers have been heard since Jones’ victory on Friday night of changes being made to Never give up on you, which were mentioned on BBC Breakfast:

The public are calling for slight changes, and this is the great thing about social media. Everyone’s loving the song which is great and they’re loving my voice on it which is very flattering and wonderful to hear, but we’re definitely listening to people when they’re saying they want slight changes. The record producers and the BBC are looking into it, we’ll see.

Previously on the Graham Norton Show on BBC Radio 2 the day after her You Decide win, Jones revealed that she personally would like the song to remain quite stripped back, adding:

I’m keen to stay away from the drums and the big ending songs, because last night mine was so different that maybe that’s why we did well. So I’m keen to keep it similar.

Check out Jones’ interview on BBC Breakfast in full! Would you like to see some changes to Never give up on you, or do you think the entry should remain the same?