Slovenia: Clemens to replace Amaya in EMA 2017

by Gil Laufer 1,297 views

Following Amaya’s withdrawal from the Slovene national selection EMA 2017, the Slovene broadcaster RTVSLO has announced that Klemen Mramor, aka Clemens, will take her place in the contest.

Amaya, previously representing Slovenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2011, decided to withdraw due to different plans relating to her debut album which will be released soon.

This will be Clemens’ third attempt to represent Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest as he previously participated in Misija Evrovizija (2012) and EMA 2015.

The updated lineup for EMA 2017 is as follows:

17/02: Semi-final 1

  • Clemens
  • King Foo
  • Lea Sirk
  • Nika Zorjan
  • Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005)
  • Sell Out
  • Tosca Beat
  • Zala Đurić Ribič

18/02: Semi-final 2

  • Alya
  • BQL
  • Ina Shai
  • Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
  • Nuška Drašček
  • Raiven
  • Tim Kores Kori
  • United Pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko

The Slovene final will be held on 24 February with eight songs, four from each semifinal. The winner will be determined via a 50/50 televote/jury vote.