Switzerland: DJ BoBo celebrates 25th anniversary with Mystorial Tour

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DJ BoBo, the Swiss representative at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, will celebrate 25 years of his career with a big show and tour, Mystorial.

DJ BoBo, now 49, is still going strong after a musical career of 25 years. Starting in the ’90’s in the Eurodance scene, DJ BoBo still takes to the stage with his hallmark extravagant dance and music shows. He celebrates his musical jubilee with an intenational tour, Mystorial, which started on Friday 13 Januari 2017 in Europa-Park in Rust, near Freiburg.

The artist told the Salzburger Nachrichten:

It will be a journey through time. But it will be more than just a musical retrospective. The hits of the past will be included, yet new songs will be the center piece.

DJ BoBo has gained his popularity throughout the ’90’s until now, scoring hits such as Somebody dance with me, There is a party, Let the dream come true and Love is all around, and performing with large, epic stage shows. He creates new stage shows every two years or so, going on international tours, appealing to a large public from differing age categories. He explains:

The public has changed. The time a s a ‘teeniestar’ is behind me. The fans from the past nowadays come with their children, watching the show together.

DJ BoBo’s stage shows are known for their opulent special effects, dancing, massive stage decorations. The artist elucidates his recipe for success:

Back then, in the grand days of Eurodance, we developed the concept for the future, not focussing solely on the hits.

DJ BoBo has his own firm and record label, producing music and shows not only for himself, but also for others, such as singer Andrea Berg. She says:

He has an eye for stage creation and a good feeling for great shows which are at once grand yet fitting.

ZDF television host Andrea Kiewel states:

He is the coolest ambassador of Switzerland.

The DJ started out as an apprentice baker, before finding his musical path:

I learned two things back then: discipline and perseverance.

Since ten yeras, DJ BoBo traditionally  starts his tours in theme park Europa-Park in Rust. Mystorial will tour until the end of 2017, with a total of 30 concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. After that, the tour has plans to move through North- and Eastern Europe, and South-America.

For information about DJ BoBo, the Mystorial Tour 2017 and ticket sales please visit DJ BoBo’s official website.

DJ BoBo (born Peter René Baumann, Kölliken, Switzerland, 1968) is a Swiss DJ, singer-songwriter, dancer and music producer. One of the great names in the Eurodance scene from the 1990’s onwards, DJ BoBo (his stage name taken form his days as a graffiti-artist) has sold some 14 million records worldwide, releasing 12 studio albums and various compilation albums, producing a string of hits. He is very popular in the German-speaking countries, as well as in various other European areas.

Personally, DJ BoBo lives with his wife Nancy Rentzsch and their two children, Jamiro-René and Kayley-Nancy, in Kastanienbaum, canton Lucerne, Switzerland.

In 2007, DJ BoBo represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland. With his song Vampires are alive, he performed in the semi-final. Unfortunately, Dj BoBo did not go through to the Grand Final, placing 20th out of 28 contestants, earning 40 points.

Enjoy DJ BoBo performing Vampires are alive during the semi-final of Eurovision 2007 once again:

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