Italy: Sanremo 2017 Campioni acts leaked?

by Jessica Weaver 1,209 views

Have the 22 Campioni acts for the Sanremo Music Festival 2017 been leaked just days before the official announcement? Italian group Statuto has released a list of artists they claim will be taking part in the upcoming Italian festival.

Having allegedly been excluded from the Campioni Sanremo line up for yet another year, Italian band Statuto, who participated in Sanremo in 1992, posted a statement via their Facebook page expressing their disappointment at their entry being “discarded” from the competition.

Today we confirm that we Statute will NOT participate in the Sanremo Festival. At the last chance of choosing the “big” 20, our song was discarded. It was still in the “game” until the last moment and we want to thank all of you because the commission of the Festival has noted and considered the contribution of the “fans”.

After stating that they would work to return to the 2018 festival, the group released a list of names allegedly selected to take part in the upcoming competition, alongside their record labels.

Rumoured Campioni acts

  • Fiorella Mannoia (Sony)
  • Francesco Renga (Sony)
  • Marco Masini (Sony)
  • Chiara Galiazzo (Sony)
  • Giusy Ferreri (Sony)
  • Fabrizio Moro (Sony)
  • Sergio Sylvestre (Sony)
  • Gigi D’Alessio (Sony)
  • The Kolors (Baraonda)
  • Elodie (Universal)
  • Fausto Leali or Michele Zarrillo (both with Universal)
  • Clementino (Universal)
  • Nesli (Universal) or Briga (Honiro/SONY) or Baby K (Sony)
  • Paola Turci or Ron (Warner)
  • Marco Carta or Renzo Rubino (Warner)
  • Francesco Gabbani (BMG)
  • Amara in duet with Paolo Vallesi (IDA)
  • Ermal Meta (Mescal)
  • Loredana Berté (Warner) or Al Bano (Sony) or I Nomadi (Indi Records)
  • Samuel dei Subsonica (Sony) or Levante (Carosello)
  • Ludovica Comello (record company to be define)
  • Bianca Atzei (Baraonda) or Raphael Gualazzi (Sugar)

Italian broadcaster RAI has yet to comment on the above list of names, with nothing set to be confirmed until the official announcement show on Monday 12 December.

Sanremo 2017 will take place in February 2017 and will run over the course of 5 days, with the winner being determined on the 11 February.

Sanremo 2017 dates

  • 07/02: Night 1 (Campioni section begins)
  • 08/02: Night 2 (Campioni section continues; Nuove Proposte begins)
  • 09/02: Night 3 (Campioni and Nuove Proposte sections continues)
  • 10/02: Night 4 (Campioni section cover night; Nuove Proposte winner decided)
  • 11/02: Night 5 (Campioni winner decided)

The winner of the Campioni contest will be eligible to compete at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, although they will be given the chance to decline the offer. In which case, RAI will deliberate to select another Sanremo act to compete in Kyiv instead.