Belarus: Running order decided; national final on 20 January

by Jessica Weaver 1,056 views

BTRC, the Belarusian national broadcaster, has revealed the running order for the country’s upcoming national final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on the 20 January.

Having selected the 13 participants earlier this month, today the running order for the national final was determined in a draw with each artist selecting a number.

National final running order

  1. Yuliya KorenyukChildren of the world
  2. Aleksandra TkachBe stronger
  3. Vladislav KurasovFollow the play
  4. Navi Band – Historyja majho zyccia
  5. Isaac NightingaleOn the red line
  6. KattieWild wind
  7. NutekiTake my heart
  8. NapoliLet’s come together
  9. Nikita KhodasVoice in my head
  10. Angelica PushnovaWe should be together
  11. Anastasiya SheverenkoWe’ll be together
  12. Lermont x JulicHeart beat
  13. PROvokatsiya GroupMy love

BTRC has also confirmed that the Belarusian national final will take place on the 20 January and will air on both Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. The Belarusian representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be determined via a combined 50/50 jury-public vote.

Belarus at Eurovision 2016

Ivan was selected to represent Belarus at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with his song Help you fly. Competing in the second semi-final, Ivan received a total of 84 points and finished in 12th position, therefore failing to qualify to the Grand Final.