The Netherlands: Anouk ‘just met a man’

by Roy Knoops 1,171 views

Dutch rock diva Anouk, who represented the Netherlands at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, has released the video clip for her latest single, I just met a man. And the video is a true family affair.

I just met a man is the latest single taken form Anouk‘s current album, Fake it till we die. The video clip features all of Anouk’s loved ones; her partner, basketball player Dominique Schemmekes, and her six children, Benjahmin Kingsley, Elijah Jeremiah, Phoenix Ray, Jesiah Dox, Sion Jethro and baby girl Jelizah Rose, Anouk and Dominique’s daughter.

In the song, Anouk recounts how she “just met a man”, yet wonders if they will get along in the long term. Judging from the video clip, Anouk, Dominique and the kids get along just fine! It’s clear that Anouk is in a very happy place in her life.

Enjoy the official video clip for I Just met a man:

Anouk Teeuwe (The Hague, 1975) is the most popular and successful female rock singer of the Netherlands. She represented her country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, with the dark ballad Birds. Anouk eventually reached a respectable 9th place in the Grand Final, earning 114 points.

Enjoy Anouk performing Birds during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2013 once again: