Eurovision 2009: Press conferences Day 2

by René Romkes 105 views

Due to a delay in the Israeli delegation, the first press conference took place later than planned. Israel was the first delegation to give its press conference, followed by Bulgarian Krassimir, Yohanna from Iceland and the twin brothers of Next Time from FYR Macedonia.


Due to technical reasons, the Israeli delegation only gave a press conference of 5 minutes. Despite the early hours, the press conference room was fully packed with journalists. Most of them were interested in the unusual combination of languages as the song There must be another way will be performed in English, Hebrew and Arabic. Noa: "The title already reveals the main message of the song. There must be another way for co-existence and understanding in our nation." Noa also said that she didn’t like the competitive part of the Eurovision Song Contest: "I don’t like competition in music; however taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest is the only way to reach millions of people to spread our message."


The Bulgarian representative, Krassimir Avramov, told the press that he was living his dream in Moscow. Krassimir: "My dream to represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest has finally come true. We wrote Illusion especially for the contest and that’s why the song has become a mixture of several musical flavours: folk, opera and pop." According to Krassimir Illusion is a song about dreams: "People always dream of things which they cannot find in their real life. The acrobatic elements and avant-gardish approach should reinforce that message on stage", Krassimir concluded.


Yohanna told the press to be honoured to be this year’s Icelandic representative. She started her career at the age of eight and two years later she released her first song, which became a huge success in her home country. Yohanna was also asked about about the planned Russian gay parade on May 16th: "I know very little about it; actually I didn’t know about the parade, and I don’t really understand why somebody would like to hear my opinion on that. However, I believe that all people should have to freedom of choice to do what they want to do and to be who they want to be."

FYR Macedonia

Many journalists were interested to see the FYR Macedonian twin brothers Stefan and Martin Filipovsky. Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest will be the guys’ first performance in Russia and they are very excited about it: "The band Next Time is only 11 months old and look where we’re standing now! We really hope Eurovision will bring us European success as well, therefore we will give the best we have next week" , Stefan said. Less than a year ago the two brothers just played cover versions of their personal favourite artists. In the meantime they have won several prestigious awards andreleased their first album.

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