Eurovision 2009: First press conferences

by René Romkes 75 views

Today both rehearsals and press conferences started in Moscow. The first press conference of the day was given by Andrea Demirovic from Montenegro, followed by from Czech Republic and Petr Elfimov from Belarus.


Andrea Demirovic was greeted with great enthusiasm by the present journalists. She told the press that she would be the happiest girl in the world if she would reach the final, as Montenegro has never made it to the final before. She sang a part of a well known Russian song called Podmoskovnye vechera (Moscow nights) and of course she sang a part of her 2009 Eurovision entry as well, which was received with great enthusiasm by everybody.

Ralph Siegel, composer of the Montenegrin entry, stated to be delighted being back at Eurovision this year. Besides that he told the press to be impressed by the vocal skills and natural beauty of Andrea.

Czech Republic

Lead singer of, Radoslav Banga will perform in a bright red ‘ superhero’ costume. ‘ Almost every culture or nation has its own superhero, but the gypsies didn’t have one yet. Now they have one, and I can assure you I even wear this outfit on the toilet’, Radoslav said. One of Radoslav’s superhero skills is reading hands. His own hands told him that everybody would want to become a gypsy in the final. Radoslav told the press to be delighted to represent Czech Republic this year in the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘This was the third time we tried to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest and finally we succeeded.‘ By taking part they would like to unite gypsies all over the world, because music brings people closer, no matter which nationality or what colour of skin they have. Radoslav also revealed his 2 personal favourites in this year’s competition: Sweden and Romania.


Petr Elfimov seemed to be very confident after his first rehearsal. ‘If you want to win the Eurovision Song Contest, you have to come up with a song like mine and be a singer like me’, he said. However, after watching the first rehearsal back, the delegation didn’t seemed to be satisfied yet. ‘The projectors didn’t work yet, so therefore we need some additional time before doing the second rehearsal. We’ve made several technical remarks and proposals.’ Petr’s aim will be to please the audience and himself. Therefore he assured that he was going to give the full 100% on stage. Elfimov felt sorry he couldn’t make it to the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands during his promo tour. ‘I really wanted to go there, but due to some internal problems I had to cancel my performances at the very last moment. I will visit those countries in the future though’ .

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