Latvia: Pirates invade Malta

by Aija Medinika 157 views

Pirates of the Sea have set the sail high to cruise the seas of the world even after the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade where they represented Latvia singing Wolves of the Sea.

For three weeks in April 2009Pirates of theSea had been performing at Splash and Fun Aqua Park in Malta.The energetic sea voyagers made several appearances at the television shows performing their Eurovision 2008 entry Wolves of the Sea as well as the songs from their album which they are working on to be realeased soon. Currently they have sailed back to Latvia to record the song Banana.

The spokesman and the leader of the group Robero Meloni reveals: "Pirates of the Sea CD is intended to be a trip around the world on our musical ship, touching different countries as Jamaica, Ukraine, Malta, Italy, Spain, the Ukraine to bring joy and happiness with our music. The Pirates of the Sea will shoot soon their video, of course in a happy rum atmosphere…"

While in Malta, Roberto recorded his new single Love me or leave me which is written by Claudia Faniello, a popular Maltese musician. Roberto also updated that he is one of the actors in the play Kailie Briezi, a Latvian version of Full Monty where one of his co-players is Lauris Reiniks, the composer of the Irish runner-up song in 2009I wish I could pretend.

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Pirates of the Sea represented Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and ended up 12th after the final.

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