Spain: 60 Years of TVE; Eurovision special!

by Jessica Weaver 1,018 views

Today marks 60 years since the launch of the Spanish national broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE), and the broadcaster has started their celebrations with a Eurovision special!

TVE today celebrates their special 60th anniversary since the launch of the television broadcaster. Beginning on the 28 October 1956, the last 60 years has seen the broadcaster grow and expand, now hosting a total of 8 television programmes across the network.

To kick off today’s celebrations, a special 7-hour broadcast aired this morning on TVE including all things Eurovision! The broadcast began with the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, the only Eurovision event to be hosted in Spain to date, followed by 5 special shows looking back at the history of the competition over the last 60+ years.

You can catch up on all of TVE’s Eurovision programmes via