Czech Republic: The return of the Supergipsy

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With only a few days to go before the start of the rehearsal process for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, this years Czech Republic entry take time out to talk to In this exclusive interview the band talk about how they plan to bring some Czech humour and irony to the Eurovision stage, we hear of the band's past musical achievements and how we will see the return of the Supergipsy.

Firstly, congratulation on being selected to represent the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest. How does it feel to be representing your country in the contest?

Thanks a lot, we feel good, it’s really good to go to Moscow! We will do our best…

How are your plans progressing for the contest?

We would like to give the people some music and fun, with the help of Supergipsy…

What can you tell me about the concept behind in respect of the construction of the group and musical style?

5 years ago, our basic tandem, Radoslav Gipsy Banga and Vojta Lavicka met in Prague, trying to combine different musical experiences from Rap to gipsy music, and it works! 🙂 participated in the Czech National final (Eurosong) in both 2007 and 2008. Can you tell a little about your experience in these competitions?

It was good experience to play there, even if we were not winners. As we know, a lot of people was happy with our songs…

How do you plan to present your Aven Romale on the Eurovision stage in Moscow? Will we more of Supergipsy in action?

Yes you are right, Supergipsy will follow our flight and will help us on the stage again :-)))

After the contest will we see more of the superhero? Perhaps a comic book, cartoon or ever an action figure?

We don’t know, because Supergipsy (as a lot of his magician colleagues) is a miracle person.

How would you describe your song Aven Romale?

Aven Romale means Come On, Gipsies: We invite everyone to feel like gipsy, to have some fun, to discover the miracle of music, to see into the mirror of rhythm. We want everyone to join us in the wagon of modern European gipsies, adding a bit of Czech sense of humour and irony. has been around for the past 3 years, what do you consider to be your greatest musical achievements?

We played a lot of great events like legendary festival in Glastonbury or at the Bestival or at Notting Hill Carnival in the UK, while cooperating with the famous British foundation CM or in Brussels and Lisbon, Amsterdam Kiev or Seoul and Ulsan in South Korea.

Do you consider to be musical pioneers, having been the first Czech band to perform the legendary Glastonbury festival in the UK and other countries in Europe and Asia?

Maybe in some way, but the most important is that we play the music people like, with the energy and honest mind. We did that in all 15 countries we played till now…

How do you rate your chances of being the first act from the Czech Republic to quailify directly to the Eurovision Song Contest final?

We will do our best, with a little help of the TV viewers in Europe 🙂

Have you had a chance to listen to any of the competing song sin this years contest, if so do you have any personal favourites?

We have no favourites, and of course, we hope to meet the best of them in the Final :-)))

What are your objectives with regards to entering the ESC?

We want to bring to the millions of TV viewers good feeling, nice music and some fun, too… And to do the same in the final… 😉

Do you have a message for readers?

Aven Romale, Come on, sing with us! Let’s have some fun! Together!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to and may I wish you the very best of luck in Moscow.

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