Ukraine: Jamala releases 1944 album in Europe

by Jessica Weaver 842 views

Ukraine’s second Eurovision winner Jamala has released her latest album within Europe, named after her winning Eurovision entry 1944.

Published together with Universal Music Denmark, the same distributor behind the official Eurovision 2016 album, the 1944 album consists of a total of 12 songs opening with Jamala’s winning Eurovision 2016 entry. 1944 is currently available to purchase on iTunes and is available to listen to via a number of music streaming services such as Spotify.

1944 track list

  1. 1944
  2. I’m like a bird
  3. Hate love
  4. Watch over me
  5. Perfect man
  6. My lover
  7. Drifting apart (feat. The Erised)
  8. You’ve got me
  9. Thank you
  10. With my eyes
  11. Way to home
  12. Breath

The album is also set to be released in the USA in the near future together with Republic Records.

Later this month, Jamala is set to perform at the Alfa Jazz Fest in which she will perform a special 2-part show entitled The Soul of Jamala.